ServiceNow + Coolfire Core Integration

Extending the power of ServiceNow just got easier with Core’s ServiceNow connector. Do more with ServiceNow + Core.

Integrate ServiceNow into Coolfire Core

ServiceNow is a versatile tool, great for running various functions throughout your business. While ServiceNow gives robust functionality for the team working at HQ, it doesn’t always enable the right level of collaboration in the field.

The ServiceNow integration connects your enterprise data to your Coolfire Core workspace. ServiceNow customers can now extend HQ data to the frontline of their operations, enabling robust collaboration with teams on the go. By removing the barriers between HQ and the field, you can seamlessly share information to the edge of your operations.

The ServiceNow + Core connector helps your team see a complete picture of operations. Connecting the two systems lets your team see important information to do their job better, see the latest action to take, and whatever else you keep in ServiceNow.

Core puts your ServiceNow data into motion by mapping the appropriate information to a Core job or task (or creating new ones if that’s what you need). Get started with Coolfire Core for free, or contact our Customer Success Team to start using this integration.

Get started with ServiceNow integration

Get started with
ServiceNow + Coolfire Core integration

Keeping your team connected just got easier. Deliver the info your team needs to do their jobs–right and on time. Get started with Core for free, or grab time with our team to see how Core keeps your team moving.

Advanced Integration and Automation

Are your integration needs unique? We think so too. Did you know Core API allows for advanced integration and automation capabilities? Get the most out of your Core workspace by mapping data, defining data management rules, and setting custom business logic. Learn more.

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