Coolfire Core Advanced Integration and Automation

Do more with your existing systems, sensors, and data with Coolfire Core’s advanced integration and automation capabilities. Do more with Core.

Extend your existing systems, sensors, and data with Coolfire Core’s Public API. Connect your existing off-the-shelf apps, homebuilt systems, and hard-to-access data sources to our scalable API services. Core’s advanced integration capabilities enable greater control over the I/O flow of data, business rules definition, and logic to ensure all business needs are met. Whether customizing an existing Core integration, connecting data from one of your homegrown systems, or tapping into the IoT, we can solve the challenge

Your IT staff can leverage their existing information and automation infrastructure platform to push data into the Coolfire platform. From there, our data governance and access tools help dictate who and when users can access the information. Coolfire Core is how you put the right data in the context of the right job and deliver it to the right person in your operations. Enriching your data with Coolfire’s powerful collaboration toolset helps your team see the latest data next to their assigned tasks and use the built-in communication tools to address any urgent questions.

Leverage business logic to route work and tasks into the Coolfire system and assign users and groups to each type. Enrich the work with data points like calculated ETAs, set urgency flags, and alert of nearing deadlines. Coolfire Core’s endpoints allow your IT organization to supply data points to all the primary data objects within the platform. Major API elements provide POST, PUT, and Patch options to ingest new and keep existing records up to date.

Looking to get started with the Coolfire Core API, have questions, or not even sure where to start? Schedule time with our Customer Success Team for a quick consultation on what you are trying to do and discuss what’s possible with Coolfire Core. On the call the team will understand your technical needs and point you to the latest API documentation.

Get started with Coolfire Core Advanced Integration and Automation integration

Get started with Coolfire Core Advanced Integration and Automation

Keeping your team connected just got easier. Deliver the info your team needs to do their jobs–right and on time. Get started with Core for free or grab time with our team to see how Core keeps your team moving.

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