The fastest way to get  more done together.

Give your fast-moving teams the tools they need to manage their day, make the best decision, and deliver the quality you expect. Coolfire Core is a flexible work management system with real-time collaboration. 

Coolfire Mobile Operations

Work the way you already work. Just better.

Combine your team’s daily tasks, communication, and workflow into a single place, to work better together. Coolfire Core easily adapts to business needs and processes, helping your team know what’s due, what’s next, and what needs your attention.







Working better together

Not just chatting, but real collaboration. See the latest job info, task status, and job location—collaboration to keep your team up-to-date and organized around the work.

Share files

Capture job data as it happens. Share pictures, attach files, and document your progress along the way. 

Real-time Chat

Send messages between the field and HQ in the context of the work. Quickly share updates for all impacted parties. 

Anywhere collaboration

Real collaboration needs to happen wherever, whenever the team needs help and the customer demands answers. 


Manage your work, your way.

No matter your role on the team, see your world, your way, in one place. Ops managers view their whole team, while the team in the field sees what they need to do their job. Get alerts when you need them and updates as they happen. See the info you need to get control of your day and make everyone’s job a little easier.

No credit card to get started. Cancel anytime. 

Get a real-time snapshot of your operational health. Quickly see what’s scheduled, what’s next, and what needs your immediate attention.
Seeing your team and their work on a map helps you find nearby assets, tools, and support when needed. Keep track of ETAs and more.
Quickly see your team’s progress, identify what’s at risk and what needs your attention. Simply filter out the noise and get to work. 
Easily extend work inside and outside your organization. Mobile apps and Share Links make it easy to send work to anyone outside HQ.

Get the job done right and on time.

Keep your team moving fast–without cutting corners. Guide your team on the what, where, when, and how to do the job right. Our patented Session technology features keep everyone informed and your customers pleased.

Work Sessions

Organize your work around the tasks, communication, and workflow. Our patented Sessions technology keeps everything and everyone in sync. 

Your Workflows

Don’t force any process. Enforce your process. Ensure the job gets done at the speed, quality, and accuracy you expect. 

Task Management

Dynamic tasking helps you orchestrate your team’s work. Coordinate the to-dos, assign them and monitor the progress. 

Digital Job Forms

Structure jobs and capture the exacting details you need to guarantee the work. Collect data and report out the details when you or the customer need it. 

Due Dates and Timers

Don’t leave the job to chance. Assign due dates and timers at the Session or task level to keep everyone moving forward. 


Handle work anytime, anywhere

Make it easy for your teams to do their job. Keep your people on the move connected to the tasks and info they need to win. Coolfire Core keeps everyone connected, in the loop, and moving forward.

Coolfire Core Mobile App
Coolfire Workflow Automation

Adapts to your business

Why force a process change and replace existing systems? Coolfire Core adapts to the way your team works. A flexible setup connects your team to the people and info they need to get their work done, without all of the noise or hassle of change. 


Connect your ops team to your existing systems, software, and sensor data for easier management of work. Grant access to info if and when they need it. 


Built to support the way your people naturally work, Core is easily adaptable to your business, processes, and team makeup. Adjust the software, not your business. 

Extending Collaboration

Connect with every employee, partner, and customer

Your work doesn’t stop at your door. Keep your employees, partners, and customers updated with the latest info. Communicate and share work status with everyone impacted.

Keeping your whole operation working together


Remove the barriers between your team and their work. Simplify their tasks by giving them an easy way to get answers and the tools to keep moving.


Your customers want the need-to-know, right now. You can streamline customer communication by giving them real-time access to their jobs, orders, or deliveries.

Partners & Contractors

Depending on partners to do their part is critical to your operations. Why leave them in the dark when you can work side-by-side on the jobs only relevant to them.

Vendors & Suppliers

Extend collaboration to your vendors and suppliers. Assign tasks or jobs when you need their help. Monitor and track progress just like you would an employee. 

Let’s get to work.

Make it easier for your teams on the move to stay connected to the critical information they need to do their jobs.