Dropbox + Coolfire Core Integration

Extending the power of Coolfire Core just got easier with Core’s Dropbox connector. Do more with Dropbox + Coolfire Core.

Integrate Dropbox with Coolfire Core

Dropbox is a file hosting service and a great cloud storage solution for any business managing data at scale. It is becoming a provider of choice for many businesses to store, manage, and archive large amounts of files–with a practical price tag. While Dropbox is great for managing files at the office, it doesn’t translate well into the field. If you or your client is using Dropbox to store files you collect in the field, Coolfire has a solution to streamline the end-to-end process.

The Dropbox + Coolfire Core connector helps your team work seamlessly in our mobile apps and automates the packaging and pushing of data into a Dropbox workspace. Connecting the two systems allows your team to continue to work naturally in their day-to-day, while Core does all the automates routing to the right files to the right directory in Dropbox.

Coolfire Core accelerates your data collection process in the field and streamlines processing at HQ to save you money and time. Try Coolfire Core for free or get in touch with our Customer Success Team to get started with this integration.

Get started with Dropbox integration

Get started with
Dropbox + Coolfire Core integration

Keeping your team connected just got easier. Deliver the info your team needs to do their jobs–right and on time. Get started with Core for free, or grab time with our team to see how Core keeps your team moving.

Advanced Integration and Automation

Are your integration needs unique? We think so too. Did you know Core API allows for advanced integration and automation capabilities? Get the most out of your Core workspace by mapping data, defining data management rules, and setting custom business logic. Learn more.

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