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 Get visibility into your entire delivery process and know the job gets done right.
Coolfire Core keeps you connected to drivers, customers, and anyone else impacted by a drive. 

Running your delivery operations just got easier.

Grow your operations (and bottom line)

By organizing task lists, workflows, schedules, and communication in the same place, you’ll catch errors before they happen and deliver to happy customers.

Enforce your unique SOP your way

Enforce tasks and workflow when it’s required and give your team flexibility when it’s not. Track route progress and store proof of delivery details as it happens.

Operations delivering right. On-time.

Scale up operations knowing every job gets done the right way. Inspect quality and guarantee customers satisfaction with frictionless POD collection.

Extend and enhance existing tech stack

Keep your existing tech stack. Coolfire Core makes it easy to pull data from any system, data source, or spreadsheet used to run your business.

Coolfire Core for Fast-moving operations

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Everything you need to get your delivery teams organized and working together

Operational Visibility

Manage your team everywhere and anywhere.

See your entire delivery operation in a single place. Monitor driver location, see updated ETAs and route progress, keep customers informed, and dynamically adjust when things don’t go as planned.

Last Mile Logistics Delivery Planning Software
Delivery management collaboration
Connected mobile workforce

Mobile apps to keep your team moving.

Keep your drivers informed by sharing the tasks, locations, and information as it happens. Easy to use mobile apps streamline your driver’s day, helping them focus on their route and capturing proof of delivery details–all without the extensive new hire training.

Scheduling & planning

Get control of the who, what, & where of the day.

Keep your delivery teams organized and on task with built-in timeline, map, and list views. Plan your day around delivery due dates, and change it on the fly when the customer’s needs change.

Delivery Management Last Mile Optimization
Last Mile Logistics Collaboration
Flexible workflows

It’s your business.
Manage it your way.

You have a way you need to serve your customers. Get software that supports you. Build unique workflows to manage the unique parts of your operations. Manage your requirements and meet customer expectations without the expense of custom software. See all Coolfire Core features.

Service assurance

Get the job done right the first time.

Deliver on the quality you expect from your team. Guarantee the job gets done right the first time attaching any required proof of delivery files, pictures, e-signatures, or barcode scans to any job. When a job is done or late, automatically push updates to your customer. 

Telecom digital web forms

The fastest way to get your delivery operations organized and get more done

Fast to deploy

No complex setup or heavy customizations required. Quickly deploy apps and scale as your operations need.

Easy to use

Purpose-built mobile apps for drivers. Powerful web app for logistics teams to coordinate work from HQ.


Manage one or multiple business lines in a single application. The software adapts to your unique process, letting you run your business your way.

See all of the features Core offers to get your team working better together. 

Courier & Delivery Ops Use Cases

Support your entire delivery operation with a single instance of Coolfire Core. Core organizes multiple use cases side-by-side, enabling your organization to see everything in one place.

Last Mile Use Case chain of custody

Last-mile deliveries

Orchestrate your last mile delivery operations to ensure things get done right and on time. Design task lists, workflows, and establish delivery requirements unique to your business. 

Chain of custody software

Chain of custody management

Guarantee the job is done right and show documented proof. Capture job details as they happen. Ensure the job quality meets you and your customer’s standards. 

Catering & food delivery

Multi-stop deliveries

Life science delivery

Case Study

Ready Set: Taking it to the last mile

See how this disruptive logistics startup goes the distance with Coolfire. Ready Set scaled their operations and needed better tools to meet their needs.

Delivery teams large and small depend on Coolfire

See how last-mile transportation teams depend on Coolfire to control their chaos. Explore all of our case studies. 

“After a very lengthy and exhaustive search, we found partnering with Coolfire gave us the flexibility to streamline our complex operations while supporting our unique processes for delivering exceptional customer service.”

Mark Sanner

VP, Operations, American Expediting

Coolfire has been an invaluable partner in our critical journey to automate tracking, visibility, and collaboration for last-mile logistics. 

Gary Vinson

CFO/COO, Ready Set

Coolfire helped us achieve our innovation goals of transforming a customer transaction into a customer interaction.

Enterprise Holdings

VP, Product Operations 

Defeat chaos. Get your team working better together.

Make it easier for your teams on the move to stay connected to the critical information they need to do their jobs.
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Make it easier for your teams on the move to stay connected to the critical information they need to do their jobs.