e-Courier TMS + Coolfire Core Integration

Extend the power of e-Courier data with Coolfire Core’s e-Courier connector. Do more with e-Courier + Core.

Integrate e-Courier into Coolfire Core

e-Courier offers a cloud-based system to manage final-mile transactions. Many last-mile logistics companies need better visibility, chain of custody, and proof of delivery tech to manage unique customer requirements. To get more out of their e-Courier data, customers are turning to Coolfire.

The e-Courier + Coolfire Core connector brings your order details, driver assignments, stop data, and delivery templates into a collaborative work environment. By organizing this information in Coolfire Core, customers can add task management, workflow, and chat tools. This increased tooling helps fast-moving ops teams stay organized, capture real-time data and communicate in the context of deliveries. Try our custom e-Courier integration to see how collaborative logistics can help you coordinate your people and assets more effectively.

Using a different TMS? No problem. Contact our Customer Success team to learn how we can set up a new integration to get you going. Get in touch with our Customer Success Team to get started with this integration.

Get started with e-Courier TMS integration

Get started with
e-Courier TMS + Coolfire Core integration

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Advanced Integration and Automation

Are your integration needs unique? We think so too. Did you know Core API allows for advanced integration and automation capabilities? Get the most out of your Core workspace by mapping data, defining data management rules, and setting custom business logic. Learn more.

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