Geotab + Coolfire Core Integration

Extending the power of your Geotab data just got easier with Core’s Geotab connector. Do more with Geotab + Coolfire.

Integrate Geotab into Coolfire Core

Geotab offers some of the latest ELD tech to monitor, record, and report a driver’s activity. Much of this data is locked up for recording driving hours and meeting regulation requirements, but there’s value in this data.

Now with Coolfire Core, you can leverage your existing Geotab systems to share data with your central operations. Coolfire Core leverages Geotab data to inform decisions about the business. A Geotab integration into Coolfire allows you to calculate more accurate ETAs, and share status updates with all impacted parties. The Geotab + Coolfire Core connector brings your real-time drive data into a collaborative workspace. Try our custom Geotab integration to see how collaborative logistics can help you coordinate your people and assets more effectively.

Using a different ELD system? No problem. Contact our Customer Success team to learn how we can set up a new integration to get you going. Get in touch with our Customer Success Team to get started with this integration.

Get started with Geotab integration

Get started with
Geotab + Coolfire Core integration

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Advanced Integration and Automation

Are your integration needs unique? We think so too. Did you know Core API allows for advanced integration and automation capabilities? Get the most out of your Core workspace by mapping data, defining data management rules, and setting custom business logic. Learn more.

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