Delivering a Common Operational Picture to the Tactical Edge

Lightweight SA systems delivering a common operational picture–wherever and whenever you need it. Coolfire keeps dismounted users and HQ connected with a suite of communication and asset services.

Command, Control, and Communications (C3) apps delivering real-time SA

Keep central command and deployed teams organized with a Common Operational Picture (COP). Quickly assess, share and act upon time-sensitive information as it happens. Coolfire offers a wide range of solutions for both strategic and tactical operations. 

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Highly organized

Keep your team focused on mission-critical information they need without the noise they don’t. Coolfire is configurable to organize information the way you need it. 


Easy to use

Quickly train and deploy unique software configurations. Intuitive design helps anyone quickly adopt technology, multi-task, and execute in high duress situations. 

Customizable setup

Support a wide variety of use cases with unique hardware and software configurations. Deploy highly tailored user experiences based on user role and responsibility. 

Unique situational awareness solutions for your unique challenges

RONIN SA Platform

RONIN SA is a server-based (“On-Prem”) application that connects warfighters to sensors, information systems, and each other while operating at the tactical edge. RONIN places data, location, and status at a user’s fingertips to enhance decision-making and allow tactical users to share their situational awareness data to create a common operational picture. It can also interoperate with other SA platforms, e.g., Nett Warrior/ATAK, where PLI/CoT information gets seamlessly shared across applications.

    Coolfire Core for Government

    Coolfire Core is a cloud-based application for use across public and private-secure, strategic networks. Core creates real-time SA and a common operational picture between command levels and HQ. Coolfire Core supports customization for the end-users’ mission and CONOPs using user-defined ‘Sessions’ for strategic and logistics-type operations.

      Connect systems, sensors, and soldiers to a single common operating picture

      Operational visibility

      Shared COP wherever, whenever you need it

      Support decentralized missions while enabling ground commanders to monitor and understand real-time situations and operations.  Visualize, overlay, and fuse data from several sources to create new insights.

      • Shares critical data, location, and telestration through a real-time Common Operating Picture (COP) between commanders and deployed tactical teams.
      • Provides a single, shared common operational picture synthesizing all situational awareness between commanders and deployed tactical teams.
      • Stream video and sensor data in context of the mission. 
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      Mil Gov Ops Communication Software
      Real-time Comms

      Communicate and coordinate–before, during, and after the threat

      Consolidate disparate devices and networks to enable seamless communication throughout your operation. A secure and robust communications architecture enables chat, voice, and other tools –tied directly to the action happening in the field.

      Real-time Collaboration

      Critical advanced eyes to deliver true situational awareness

      Evaluate environmental conditions as units approach a response area–providing critical “advance eyes” on a mission. Deliver a single, shared common operational picture synthesizing all situational awareness between commanders and deployed tactical teams.

      Coolfire Core Timeline View
      Mil Gov Ops Integrated Collaboration Software Terrain

      Keep the edge with seamless interoperability

      By connecting legacy systems and technologies, you enhance their value and extend capabilities to the tactical end user. Existing infrastructure and data sources enhance strategic views and deliver critical information to the tactical level.

      Extend to additional teams by seamlessly connecting to third-party assets and technologies (e.g., sensors, devices, radios, legacy software, etc.). Interoperability to ATAK and seamless operation through a wide variety of radio systems–is available in certain Coolfire system configurations.

      Government & Military Use Cases

      Support strategic and tactical operations with Coolfire. Easily organize multiple use cases within the same user experience.

      Mil Gov Counter Narcotics Use Case Software


      Deploy enhanced command and control (C2) capabilities to support counternarcotics operations.

      Mil Gov Border Patrol Software Green Arrows

      Border security

      Manage and secure borders directly in the path of human and drug trafficking. Quickly deploy interdiction programs to prevent illegal contraband from neighboring countries.

      ATAK interoperability

      RONIN SA provides a complete SA package for expeditionary operations, interoperable with in-service radio systems for deployment with coalition partners and indigenous forces. 

      Wildlife conservation

      Protect natural resources by combating poaching syndicates and gangs. Adopt a modern approach to detection and interception. 

      Emergency & crisis management

      Fluid situations require adaptable technology and support. Monitor, control, and respond to conditions in a calculated way.

      NGO support

      Non-governmental organizations are often the first line of response to crises. NGOs need real-time comms to manage their ops–from asset management to team extraction.

      Case Study

      Hemmersbach Rhino Force prevents African rhinos poaching with Coolfire

      Real-time collaboration means life or death for the Hemmersbach Rhino Force team. Learn how they prevent African rhino poaching with Coolfire.

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