Coolfire Core Upgrade: Introducing List View Tabs and Task Form Groups

Coolfire Core Web App Upgrade

November 1, 2023


3 minutes

Operational chaos and manual workflows slowing you down? We’re thrilled to introduce the latest Coolfire Core updates! With powerful new features like List View Tabs and Task Form Groups, this update will upgrade the way operations managers and field technicians organize their work and collect job data.

List View Tabs – Simplifying Task Management for Enhanced Efficiency
List View Tabs empower teams to effectively organize jobs (Sessions) based on status. With quick access to Session status, ops leaders can stay on top of work, easily organizing and sorting Sessions, allowing them to gain a bird’s-eye view of their workflow. List View Tabs allow teams to streamline their operations, enabling faster access to information and better decision-making.

Task Form Groups – Enhancing Collaboration and Data Collection
Task Form Groups organize the data collection process within Coolfire Core mobile and web apps. Operations managers can group related form fields, creating streamlined data entry. With this feature, field technicians clearly see organized form fields grouped into collapsible sections, making data collection more efficient. With the added capability of dynamically adding more grouped form sections, you don’t have to overbuild your forms to account for every possible use. Instead, we have provided a Form Group that allows field teams to work with the smallest possible form by default but also gives them the flexibility to add form fields as they need.

For example, if a delivery driver is accepting returns, they could dynamically add a new Form Group section called “returns,” where you could itemize each returned item for back-office processing. A Form Group in this example might look like the following:

1) Reason for return; 2) Is the item Resealable? Yes/No; 3) Quantity being returned; 4) Notes about the return;









How is Coolfire Core Transforming Operations?
Meet Sarah, an operations manager responsible for a fleet of field technicians. With the new Coolfire Core Web App, Sarah can take advantage of List View Tabs to categorize Sessions by status and urgency, effectively allowing her to allocate resources and manage the team’s workload. As the day progresses, Sarah receives real-time updates on task status, ensuring she can address any potential bottlenecks and proactively address issues.

Meanwhile, field technician Alex logs into the Coolfire Core Mobile App and is greeted with a prioritized list of tasks. Alex can assess critical tasks faster by completing them in order of priority. With the Task Form Groups feature, Alex no longer needs to search through different platforms or folders for the relevant forms. Each task is accompanied by its corresponding form, streamlining the data collection process. He can also dynamically add more form fields through the Form Groups feature, accurately capturing, and organizing data from the field.

Through organized work management, faster access to information, and efficient data collection, both Sarah and Alex make better, more accurate decisions through enhanced collaboration. The Coolfire Core empowers them to provide high-quality services with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Unlock Operational Efficiency with Coolfire Core 
The latest Coolfire Core feature launch introduces two exciting enhancements—List View Tabs and Task Form Groups—that will revolutionize the way you manage your operations. By simplifying work management, enhancing collaboration, and optimizing data collection, these features empower operations managers and field technicians alike to access information faster, make better decisions, and boost overall operational efficiency.

To learn more about these feature upgrades and explore how the Coolfire Core can transform your operations, we encourage you to view the release notes (link). If you haven’t already, take the opportunity to try Coolfire Core for free and experience the power of streamlined operations firsthand.

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