Coolfire’s New Mobile App for Frontline Team Collaboration Launch

October 14, 2021


2 minutes

Let’s break down the release of our new mobile application designed for frontline teams.

What’s new?

Our latest version of the app expands collaboration capabilities to mobile teams, giving them the power to quickly find tasks and job info, implements real-time communication tools, and extends operational workflows to the frontline. Additionally, the new mobile app allows operations managers to better collaborate with teams in the field–to get work done more efficiently and with accuracy.

Why the change?

Our goal is to become the leading collaboration software for managing business operations. The whole point of this new mobile app launch is to make it easier than ever for mobile teams to do great work together. After gathering market input, there was an “increased demand for organization-wide collaboration tools, with an acute need at the frontline,” said Don. Sharp, CEO at Coolfire. “Teams on the move need information and actions fed to them in near real-time to keep them in sync with the rest of the business.”

While our collaboration software is new, the backend powering it all had been around for 10+ years with innovative customers such as the US DoD and strategic customers, such as Enterprise Rent-A-Car and American Expediting.

The app is now available for download on both iOS and Android.

Haven’t tried Coolfire Core? Try it free and see how your team can get their tasks, messages, and workflow better organized. Teams love it because they know exactly what to work on, where to be, when it’s due and what’s next. …but their favorite feature is the ability to capture pictures and update status along the way. It helps the customer and their manager know what is going on, what they are working on, and ensure quality work was done the first time.

Read all the Coolfire Core release notes.

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