Unlocking Operational Efficiency: Introducing Coolfire Core Web App UI Enhancements

August 2, 2023


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As an operational leader, you’re constantly juggling tasks, teams, and deadlines. Operational chaos can be frustrating and overwhelming. However, with the upcoming launch of Coolfire Core Web App UI enhancements, you can streamline your work and increase productivity. Discover how the new features can help you manage your work with ease.

How Coolfire Core helps TEams like Ready Set

Picture a high-performing team needing to deliver a high volume of products to customers on time, every time. Faced with challenges such as navigating multiple pages to get information, clicking into hundreds of delivery records for status, manually checking on task status, and fractured communication–affecting team efficiency and ultimately putting customer needs at risk.

By using the upgraded Web App UI, Ready Set’s team is experiencing a new level of operational success. They were able to streamline tasks, easily monitor progress, and collaborate with their team effectively. Since starting with the upgraded Coolfire Core, the Ready Set team communication has improved and reduced operational errors. They can now focus on what matters – delivering quality products and exceptional customer experiences.

Coolfire has been an invaluable partner in our critical journey to automate tracking, visibility, and collaboration for last-mile logistics. They have been diligent with deadlines, adaptable to changing requirements, and always receptive to refining their platform so it works to ensure our ongoing success. Read the full Ready Set case study.

Gary Vinson, CFO/COO @ Ready Set

Coolfire Core Web Enhancements

The Coolfire Core Web App UI enhancements will empower you to manage your work with ease, providing a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. Here are some of the key upgrades you can expect:

  • New Navigation: The new navigation organizes information to make it easier and quicker to access critical areas of Coolfire Core.
  • Session View Enhancements: With the Session View Enhancements, you can quickly sort, filter, and sift through large numbers of work orders. This allows you to quickly find what needs your attention and update any critical info as needed.
  • Task Detail Panel: The new Task Detail Panel allows Web App users to quickly check on the status of multiple work orders without leaving the main screen. The new task status bars help give a visual indication of the progress that’s been made and what needs your attention.
  • Activity Panel: The Activity Panel lets you quickly check on progress from the main screen. The new Activity Stream is a way to quickly see updates from users and system changes in real time.
  • Session Details: The redesigned Session Details feature is optimized to fill your screen better, allowing you to toggle between tasks, activities, map view, and file attachments. This means you can have more control over your sessions and tasks, allowing you to execute at scale.
  • Task View: With the new Task View feature, you can see attached forms and completed details for individual tasks. You can also reorder tasks to help prioritize the work for you and the team. Quickly update the task details with in-line editing capabilities.

By using the Coolfire Core Web App UI enhancements, you can unlock operational efficiency and streamline your work. The upgraded UI offers enhanced features that simplify and automate manual workflows, provide operational visibility, and enable cross-team alignment. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your operations – try the latest version of the Coolfire Core Web App UI for yourself. Experience the power of Coolfire Core, and get control of your bottom line.

Related Case Study Storyline:

Ready Set’s operational efficiency improved after implementing Coolfire Core. They were able to streamline tasks, monitor progress, and collaborate with their team more effectively. As a result, the team communication improved by 80%, and they reduced operational errors by 60%. They can now focus on what matters – ensuring quality products for their customers on time. Ready for an efficiency boost in your operations? Get started with the latest version of the Coolfire Core Web App UI and take control of your operations.

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