Enhancing Operational Visibility with the New Configurable Columns Feature

Coolfire Core Web App Upgrade

September 7, 2023


3 minutes

Introduction: Gaining Unprecedented Insight into Your Business Operations

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, operational leaders face the constant challenge of managing and optimizing their teams and processes all at once. To control the chaos, teams need real-time visibility into their operations, ensuring they have the right information at the right time to make the most informed decisions. The NEW Configurable Columns feature allows you to streamline your workflows, gain better visibility, and give you control of your operations. Explore how you can leverage this to unlock unprecedented control over your operations.

Configurable Columns: Tailoring Insights for Maximum Efficiency

Configurable Columns allow Coolfire Core Workspace Admins to move, show, and hide columns in their Session List Views. Operations leaders can easily configure their views to present the information that drives success. With updates immediately reflecting across all users, each Network within Coolfire Core can have its own unique Session List View, providing tailored visibility and control for every operational aspect. This innovative feature enables operational leaders to focus on critical data points and eliminate distractions. 

Case Study: Unleashing Operational Efficiency at CC Couriers

Imagine a highly specialized last-mile delivery service called CC Couriers. As with any specialty business, they have quality standards to keep and steps unique to ensure they’re met. However, most off-the-shelf software systems force them to change their process or force it into a different system. Lack of control puts their specialization’s integrity at risk and limits the operational oversight they want. 

Before implementing Coolfire Core, the company’s management team struggled with limited insight into drivers’ status and orders. This lack of insight led to numerous inefficiencies, delayed insights, and–ultimately–customer dissatisfaction. 

Within Coolfire Core’s highly flexible approach, CC Couriers were able to map their workflows, tasks, communication, and driver activities (like electronic proof of delivery). The flexible system allows them to track end-to-end actions throughout their operations. However, despite Core’s flexible approach to digitizing steps in their operations, CC Couriers still dug for critical real-time information in multiple places–delaying decisions and still putting customer experience at risk. 

With the introduction of the Configurable Columns feature, the management team’s operational perspective shifted dramatically. By leveraging Coolfire Core’s intuitive interface and the new customization option within the Session List, CC Couriers can now build a unique overview to meet their unique needs. Managers now know when loads will be late and who to contact about orders, regardless of whether the data is at the system’s shipment, task, or POD level. They also have access to real-time driver activity, geolocation notifications, and more. The personalized columns gives the team power to prioritize the information that matters most to them and their employees, optimize their workflows, address potential issues proactively, and ensure smooth operations every step of the way. With the new Configurable Columns feature, CC Couriers has transformed their workspace into a personalized command center where they can efficiently view and manage their team’s work.

Conclusion: Unlocking Operational Excellence with Coolfire Core

The recent revamp of the Core Web App’s user interface was just the beginning of an ongoing commitment to improving our customers’ user experience and operational efficiency. Configurable Columns is the next step in this progression. By allowing operations leaders to view their work in a way that aligns with their preferences and priorities, Coolfire Core empowers them to work smarter, not harder. Operations leaders now have the tools they need to gain exceptional insight into their businesses, optimize workflows, and confidently make data-driven decisions. Coolfire Core remains committed to fostering operational excellence and providing the solutions necessary to control operational chaos and drive success.

To learn more about Coolfire Core and how it can transform your operations, give the software a try for free or book time for a demo.

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