Motive + Coolfire Core Integration

Deliver top-notch customer experiences, create executive dashboards, and driver performance insights from Motive data. Do more with Motive + Coolfire Core.

Integrate Motive telematics data into Coolfire Core

Get more out of your Motive telematics data with Coolfire Core. Coolfire’s seamless integration with Motive’s advanced tracking and telematics solutions ensures a comprehensive operational picture–for faster, more accurate decision-making. Coolfire connects, organizes, and extends your Motive data to build world-class customer experiences and executive views.

Coolfire Core connects, organizes, and extends Motive data to create a common operating picture for your operations. By joining your existing systems of record with Motive data streams, you can quickly build unique views into your operations. Connect your existing software, systems, and sensors into our organized Sessions structure for every team to work better together.

Customer service teams

Equip your customer service teams with superior operational views into Motive data. Give your customer service teams the views into your real-time operations to make real-time decisions.

Alert your service team of delayed loads, schedule changes, or other customer-impacting events. Give your service team the tools they need to notify all impacted parties of changes proactively.

Customer experiences

Customers are demanding visibility into their loads–Coolfire is how you deliver. Leverage your Motive data to create unique customer views into their load details. Proactively push status updates and eliminate “Where’s my truck” calls.

With a focus on exceptional customer experiences, Coolfire reduces “where’s my truck” inquiries by proactively communicating truck statuses and providing real-time updates.

Executive dashboards

Maximize the potential of Motive data with custom reports and executive dashboards that showcase insights, trends, patterns, and optimization opportunities. Drive business growth and operational efficiency while keeping all stakeholders informed with individual or team performance dashboards.

Experience the transformative power of Coolfire Core and Motive telematics data integration for unparalleled operational insights and improved customer satisfaction.

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Motive + Coolfire Core integration

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Advanced Integration and Automation

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