Coolfire Core Dashboards:
Accelerate operational decision-making with real-time insights

Confidently make data-driven decisions at HQ based on real-time data from the field.

Collaboration Dashboard Alerts

Not just another BI tool.
Actionable business intelligence
built for operations.

Automating manual processes in the field help you collect the most accurate data. Transform this operational data into real-time operational insights with Coolfire Core custom dashboards. Accelerate your decision-making capabilities and watch your team’s productivity soar with our customizable dashboards and reporting.

Data drill-down

Clickable dashboard elements let you quickly inspect the underlying data driving results.

Track critical KPIs

Your business is unique–report on the key performance indicators (KPIs) important to you.

Multi-view reporting

Create unique views into the data for each group. Drive the business based on what’s essential to your role. 

Collaboration Dashboarding
Customizable Views

Unique views into your unique business 

Tailor your dashboard to display the most critical metrics for your business, ensuring you stay focused on what matters most.

Executive Views

Track metrics that drive the business

Gain an executive view of your end-to-end operations, from task lists and workflows to schedules and communication.

Collaboration Dashboarding
Collaboration Dashboard Alerts
Leaderboards & Gamification

Motivate your team to make an impact

Display team-level performance data to show your team members how they stack up. Create incentive programs to reward top performers.

Cross-team Alignment

In-sync and driving results

Don’t make decisions in the dark. Keep your HQ and frontline teams in sync, fostering decision-making and problem-solving. 

Collaboration Dashboard Alerts

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