Delivery management revolutionized with Coolfire Core

Get control of the chaos in your last-mile delivery operations. Coolfire Core simplifies delivery management by streamlining tasks, workflow and communications–inside and outside your organization.

Collaboration Dashboard Alerts

Delivery management tools to scale last-mile operations

Get your day-to-day operations under control and grow your delivery operations with confidence. Coolfire Core helps you define workflows, assign tasks, and create enforceable rules so you know the job gets done right the first time.

Flexible to your unique process

Keep your unique process unique. Enforce workflow when required, and give flexibility when it’s not. 

Extend existing tech stack

No need to rip-and-replace. Coolfire Core connects data from any system, data source, spreadsheet, or even email.

Easily extends externally

Seamlessly connects everyone. Share drives externally with partners, vendors, or customers.

Delivery Management Last Mile Optimization
Optimize Last-Mile Operations

Streamline your delivery processes and boost efficiency

Manage delivery details, enforce processes, and communicate with drivers and customers seamlessly. Coolfire Core centralizes your tasks, communication, and workflow to optimize last-mile operations and drive growth.

Chain of custody

Ensure accuracy and accountability with proof of delivery tools

Coolfire Core helps you maintain full control and ensure deliveries are completed correctly. Chain of custody tools let you capture data along the way, and proof of delivery helps you guarantee the job’s done right.

Collaboration Dashboarding
Collaboration Dashboard Alerts
Customer communication & alerts

Customers are demanding visibility. It’s time to deliver

Provide real-time shipment updates to your customers, setting your organization apart and delivering an end-to-end customer experience that exceeds expectations. Coolfire Core lets you push communication, send tasks, or after-delivery reporting to customers.

Executive Dashboards

Data-driven decisions with powerful executive dashboards

Get real-time insights into your end-to-end delivery operations, empowering you to make informed decisions, optimize routes, and improve margins. Go from org-level metrics to task-level decisions with a few clicks.

Collaboration Dashboard Alerts

Delivery management features to help you deliver results

Confidently control complex delivery management operations at scale. Utilize Coolfire Core’s highly-configurable toolset to build and maintain a centralized view of your entire delivery operations. Monitor trends and identify opportunities across your whole business.

Geofenced Tasking

Easily require on-site delivery tasks with geo-based task triggering and enforcement.

Due Dates & Timers

Keep moving. Track what’s due, what’s next, and what needs your immediate attention. 

Digital Forms

Know the delivery was done right. Attach digital forms to capture job details (pictures, signatures, etc.)


Delivery Docs

Help your team do the job quickly and right by providing critical job details for each stop.

Mobile apps

Purpose-built mobile apps help regular drivers manage routes, track progress and manage tasks.

App-less Mobile

App-free mobile experience for third-party contributors helps you assign tasks and maintain control.


Enforce processes and automate manual steps to know the job was done right the first time.


Customizable reports unique to your business. Track quality and growth KPIs important to you.

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