How Coolfire is Shaping the Future of Rental Car Business

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Case Study

Streamline operational processes to elevate and enhance the customer experiences.


Streamline processes to elevate and enhance customer experience

Enterprise Holdings Inc., the world’s largest car rental company, owns the Enterprise Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental, and Alamo Rent A Car brands. As a global leader, the company is focused on providing a level of service that keeps customers coming back. To maintain that focus the company hires smart, motivated men and women into its Enterprise Rent-A-Car Management Training Program and trains them thoroughly from the day they become front-line employees. In fact, their career advancement is tied directly to their success in completely satisfying customers.

However, as the business has grown, so too has the time it takes to manage the rental process. For example, if a location encountered an inventory issue, an employee might make numerous calls to other area Enterprise locations to secure the vehicles he or she needs, and make arrangements to have them moved. While this is certainly part of the convenience of having such an extensive network of locations, the actual process was not only taking employees’ time away from serving customers, it created an inconvenience for customers as well.

Exceptional Customer Service

Customer satisfaction scores are a cornerstone for their business. Enterprise continuously strives for ways to improve their industry leading scores.

Reduce Rental Time

Duplicate data entry drove slow customer turnaround times and poor experiences.

Employee Training Costs

New employees required extra time to train on legacy systems.


Right data. Right hands. Right now.

Enter Coolfire. In 2016, Enterprise Rent-A-Car piloted the mobile software solution in select locations in the St. Louis market, the home of its worldwide headquarters. Coolfire integrated and aggregated Enterprise’s existing operational investments, legacy systems, and processes into a central dashboard accessible on a tablet known as LaunchPad.
The new real-time functionality provided Enterprise with better visibility into its business and operations through situational awareness:

  • Integration of reservation and inventory data
  • View of employee locations and customer reservations
  • Instant trading of vehicles with other branches to eliminate inventory issues
  • Assignment of work tickets to optimize workforce efficiency

LaunchPad was rolled out to all neighborhood Enterprise Rent-A-Car locations throughout North America in spring 2017 and now has over 25,000 active users daily. Enterprise is now in the process of its European rollout.

Operative Operations Impacts

Improved Customer Experience

By connecting the entire team, Enterprise is able to communicate and exceed customer expectations.

Transformed Customer Experience

LaunchPad evolved the customer transaction into a customer interaction.

Streamlined Customer Rental Process

Eliminated all duplicate data entry, reducing low-value tasks and delivering best customer experience.


From customer transactions to customer interactions

Coolfire creates a frictionless operating environment, seamlessly connecting and leveraging Enterprise’s systems, processes and data. Through LaunchPad, employees can move away from the counter, freeing them up to interact with customers anywhere, and conduct the process on customers’ terms.

When customers enter Enterprise, they now find employees carrying the Coolfire-powered LaunchPad with the central dashboard at their fingertips. Reservations are instantly retrieved and cars are waiting. LaunchPad gives Enterprise the tools to transcend the rental experience and operate with absolute precision. The market is changing and Enterprise is serving an increasingly broad customer base with expanding expectations on a global scale. LaunchPad is allowing Enterprise to be ready.

As reported in a June 5, 2017, article in USA Today titled, “Car Rental Companies Get More Connected,” Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s Vice President of Marketing Lee Broughton said, “The opportunity to get to know the consumer in an even more intimate way is something that is available to you, but there has to be an organization… We’re really trying to take a holistic look. LaunchPad represents us addressing the whole flow of how a customer experiences our products and services.”

Streamlined Operations, Measurable Impacts

Twelve months after deploying, Enterprise Rent-a-Car saw measurable gains in its operations. Streamlined tech enables the team to serve customers faster, provided consistent customer quality, and bring new employees up to speed faster.


Reduced Rental Times


Improved Customer Satisfaction Scores


New Employee Tech Training Time Reduction

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