How teams use
Coolfire Core
to defeat operational chaos

Coolfire Core’s unique approach to coordinating work & communication–inside and outside your organization. 

Defeat operational chaos

Teams use Coolfire Core to unite
work and communication. 

Coolfire Core eliminates information blockers, process chaos, and task harassment. Here’s how Coolfire streamlines operations to give everyone a real-time place to collaborate around work.

Manage Field Service with Coolfire Core

Connect existing data & tools

Eliminate your data silos

If you have existing data, connect it. Coolfire Core organizes and orchestrates data from all your existing sources so you can: 

  • Start new work tasks or advance existing ones
  • Share job details with your team
  • Get alerts for jobs at risk
  • Keep systems of record updated with any collected data

Whether through API connectors, spreadsheets, or even our email scrapers, Coolfire Core seamlessly connects to the data you need.

No existing data to integrate? No problem. Coolfire Core works as a standalone system as well.


Design your workflow

Get your people, data, and process organized

Get organized (at scale). Coolfire Core’s quick-to-configure toolset lets you build operational experiences for your team. Start by orchestrating the flow of work and data inside your organization.

With Coolfire Core, you can take advantage of the following features:

  • Use workflows & tasks to enforce process
  • Build forms to capture data
  • Integrated data & files to make the best decisions
  • Geo-based views to monitor location

These features work together to help your fast-moving team make decisions that are not only faster but also better.


Stop wasting time on repetitive tasks—automate processes.

Build business logic to eliminate repeatable work and streamline operational decisions. Check out these common ways that teams are already automating:

  • Reprioritizing work based on urgency: No more guesswork. Let automation handle the heavy lifting.
  • Triggering at-risk alerts: Stay one step ahead by getting notified before things go south.
  • Auto-generating internal and customer reports: Say goodbye to manual report generation.
  • Notifying customers of status changes: Keep your customers in the loop automatically.

Build an operating system that keeps your team focused on the most critical tasks.

Execute & deliver

Empower your team to get jobs done faster

With the work clearly defined, your team is ready to execute. Built-in collaboration tools help teams work together when things don’t go as planned.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Real-time status updates to keep everyone in the loop 
  • Send and receive documents and pictures
  • Streamlined data collection using the mobile forms feature
  • Capture location and timestamps, recording where & when work gets done 

Simplify your team’s workflow and eliminate unnecessary friction.

Extend & enhance

Invite customers, partners, and vendors to your workflow

Work doesn’t stop at your door. Track the entire workflow by effortlessly sharing job details beyond your organization. Manage updates from people inside and outside your organization in one centralized location.

  • Assign work tasks to customers, vendors, or partners
  • Collect data from anyone inside or outside the organization
  • Capture valuable feedback and insights

Get started with Coolfire Core to see how you assign tasks, communicate, and gather data from anyone.

Tracking & reporting

Eliminate status harassment

Get real-time visibility into your team’s work. Built-in dashboards and customizable reporting features help you manage your operations your way. Ops managers:

  • Efficient work scheduling: Stay on top of your team’s tasks by easily managing their schedules
  • Monitor work quality: Keep a close eye on the quality of work your team delivers
  • Generate customer reports effortlessly: Provide your customers with detailed reports, all with just a few clicks

Say goodbye to the hassle of chasing for updates and have complete control over your operations. Streamline your workflow and make managing tasks a breeze.

Ready to defeat operational chaos?

Organize your fast-moving team’s tasks, communication, and workflow and work better together. Get your operations under control and accelerate growth with Coolfire Core.