Deliver exceptional customer experiences

Don’t just meet customer expectations–exceed them. Coolfire Core empowers your customer service team to deliver top-notch customer experiences.

Collaboration Dashboard Alerts

Transform customer transactions into

proactive customer interactions

Building an exceptional customer experience is no small task. Luckily with Coolfire Core, there’s a new way to keep your customer service and customers connected. Coolfire Core gives support teams a complete view of operations and the tools to seamlessly alert and collaborate with customers around loads in real-time.

Improve satisfaction

Exceed customer expectations by delivering exceptional experiences. 

Boost revenue

Create positive experiences that drive repeat business and attract new customers.

Build loyalty

Build strong relationships, and strengthen trust to maximize lifetime value.

Reduce costs

Eliminate costly “where’s my truck” calls with proactive customer communication.

Seamlessly work with your customers

Keep everyone connected, informed, and happy. Coolfire Core syncs data from existing systems creating unique 360-degree views of your operations–for everyone. With a connected operation, you can alert, collaborate, and task people inside and outside your organization, including your customers.

Works with your existing tech stack

Load data all over the place? Whether you’re using a TMS, a spreadsheet, or telematics data, Coolfire Core unites all of your existing operational data. With Coolfire, you can synchronize data across multiple systems, creating a complete operational picture. Plus, it organizes communication both inside and outside your business.

Delivery Management Last Mile Optimization
Operational Visibility

Eliminate customer blind spots 

Stay on top of loads and react to at-risk deliveries quickly. Build a complete operational picture to easily track what’s done, what’s next, and what requires your attention. 

The product is actively customizable to suit our and our customers’ needs.
Easy to use and intuitive engagement makes it easy to train and roll out. 

Danny D., VP Operations

Customized Distribution, LLC

Seamless Communication 

Keep customers in control and communicating

Streamline your communication processes between service teams and customers. Digitize paper forms, eliminate manual communication, and reduce errors throughout your operation.

Collaboration Dashboard Alerts
Collaboration Dashboard Alerts
Enhanced Customer Service Tools

Fast customer service–your new superpower 

Empower your customer service teams with a comprehensive view of loads. With Coolfire Core, access all the critical info in one consolidated place–ensuring prompt and accurate service. 

Real-time Notifications and Alerts

Connected customers are happy customers

Eliminate costly delays. Inform your customers via text and email alerts, providing timely information about job starts, changes, and other relevant updates. Our Share Links tech makes it easy to send information to anyone inside or outside your organization.

Defeat Operational Chaos Header
Collaboration Dashboard Alerts
Executive Dashboards

Data-driven decisions with powerful executive dashboards

Get real-time insights into your end-to-end delivery operations, empowering you to make informed decisions, optimize routes, and improve margins. Go from org-level metrics to task-level decisions with a few clicks.

“Coolfire helped us achieve our innovation goals of transforming a customer transaction into a customer interaction.”


Do more with Coolfire Core.
Build unique views for your entire operations

Control your end-to-end operational experience by creating views of work for every fast-moving team. Coolfire Core’s flexible platform gives you all the tools to quickly build and deploy unique experiences for teams at HQ, in the field, partner network, as well as your customers. 

Geo-based Alerting

Use the power of geo-location to alert customers when your team or truck is getting close. 

Due Dates & Timers

Help keep track of progress. See what’s due, what’s next, and what needs your help. 

Digital Forms

Collect and organize data from your customers to help your team take action faster.


Automate manual steps and enforce processes to ensure the customer is happy the first time.

Alerts & Notifications

Keep customers informed with work status change alerts and notifications via email or text. 

Chat & Collaboration

Communicate with customers in context of the job. Chat questions, updates, and attach job details. 

Photo Proof

Give customers peace of mind. Share pictures of work being done and prove service assurance.



Send or receive attachments from customers to help your team get the job done right.

Start building your exceptional customer experience with Coolfire Core

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