How to Digitize Your Telecom Site Capture Process [Infographic]

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May 4, 2022


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The term ‘Digital Transformation’ is often overused and abused–to a point where we’ve started to ignore it. With an abstract phrase like digital transformation, you rightfully assume project complexity, long time timelines, extensive change management, and significant effort (aka expensive).

However, you don’t write off the underlying ideas behind digital transformation just yet. Going through the transformation process has many benefits–faster business processes, culture changes, and improved customer experiences are good places to start.

As organizations look to digitize their manual workflows, we find that the most effective digital transformation projects start small, use a tight set of success criteria, and are iterative in nature. And as you’ll quickly realize, you might not have much choice to digitize at risk of losing your edge in the market.

Few industries will benefit from digital transformation more than the telecommunications industry. The insatiable demand for 5G technology puts increased strain on service providers at all levels. While Communications Service Providers (CSP) are the face of the arms race–telecoms contractors, designers, and suppliers feel the squeeze from delayed digital transformation investments. With delays and increased strain, increased opportunities to boost productivity with a few manageable digital transformation investments.

As outlined in the Digital Transformation Ladder, most Telecom Contractors are at level 00 (Not Yet Digitised). Moving to level 01 (Digitised Site Documentation) shows the benefit of streamlined operations, automated documentation &amp delivery, and automated performance insights.

Digital Transformation Ladder

To help organizations tackle their next (or first) digital transformation project, we’ve outlined a simple 4 step process needed to digitize site documentation workflows.

How to Digitize Your Telecom Site Capture Process [Infographic]

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