The fastest and easiest data capture tool for telecommunications teams.

Coolfire Core helps teams big and small to quickly scale their field operations. Connect your field techs to the critical job info to capture site data faster and more accurately.

Experience a better way to work together.

Fast onboarding

No special training is required. Most techs are app proficient after 2 min intro video

Reduce on-site time

Streamlined workflow helps field techs get the job done and move onto the next. Average on-site time reduction is 30-70%.

Eliminate post-site processing

Auto-generated reports eliminate manual reporting and reduce human errors.

How the site survey process works

1. Design your digital forms

2. Add task details

3. Capture site details with mobile app

4. Generate automated reports

It’s easy to get started. Many telecommunication teams launch in as little as one week.

All the tools your field team needs to execute site audits, quickly and accurately.

Mobile workforce

Easy to use mobile apps.

Keep your field team informed by sharing tasks, locations, and information as it happens. Easy to use mobile apps streamline your field tech’s day, helping them focus on the task at hand–without the overhead of extensive training.

Coolfire Core Timeline View
Operational visibility

Get control of the who, what, and where of the day.

Built-in timeline, map, and list views help you stay organized and your telecom field teams on task. Plan your day around tasks, workflow, and due dates to keep the project on track and your client happy.

Data integration

Extend and enhance your operations.

Accelerate your operations by connecting your existing systems to Core for seamless operation. Push data directly from the field into your platform of choice.
Reporting & analytics

Site survey reports, done.

Automatically generate site survey reports to reduce the time needed back at the office and all but eliminate human processing errors. Core is configurable to support custom exports of site details and images.
Case Study

Glenline Transforms Data Dumps into Actionable Insights

Growing demand for 5G technology drivers Glenline Telecoms to accelerate their digital transformation. Read how Coolfire helped. 

Glenline Telecoms Case Study Collaboration

Get more done with Core.

Companies both big and small depend on Coolfire to optimize their operations. Get started with Coolfire Core for free. 

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