Glenline Transforms Data Dumps into Actionable Insights

Growing demand for 5G technology drives digital transformation at Glenline Telecoms

Coolfire has helped us dramatically accelerate our digital transformation efforts. Getting the right digital tools in place has significantly cut down on manual processes in the field and allows us to deliver real-time actionable insights to our customers–not just a data dump.

Mark Foran

Managing Director, Glenline Telecoms

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Glenline Telecom’s Situation:
Glenline Telecoms provides specialist design & build services to mobile telecommunications operators and tower infrastructure owners. Over the past 20 years, Glenline Telecoms has completed multiple 2G-5G rollout projects throughout the Republic of Ireland. 

After winning a new contract, Glenline needs to quickly scale its field operations team to complete hundreds of site surveys within an aggressive timeline. The end client required Glenline site engineers to complete a spreadsheet survey and attach site pictures to the final site survey report. 

Coolfire’s Challenge:
For Glenline, some of the specific field operation challenges required a robust solution included the following:

Improved data capture accuracy for field techs

Digitize paper site survey forms and manual workflows

Capture and quickly upload large numbers of pictures associated with each site audit

Enhanced two-way communication with field techs and the ops managers

Reduce back-office processing by auto-generating customer deliverable reports

Create actionable insights for customers, not just a dump of static data reports

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Glenline Telecoms observed three critical challenges with the project: 

  1. Completing freeform spreadsheet questions or physical papers in the field created data entry and quality issues. Field techs struggled to navigate spreadsheets (on cell phones, tablets, and laptops), smudged paper copies, and were forced to manage field data collection independent from images.
  2. Capturing pictures on-site required additional back-office processing–to match the right images to the right site. Associating the right photos with the right job site and attaching them to the correct place in spreadsheets was labor-intensive and created data accuracy issues.
  3. Specific customer reporting requirements increased the time needed to process each survey deliverable to attach the correct data to the correct sites. Additionally, customer data reports were flat, static files with little regards for RAG (Red, Amber, Green) status. The lack of insight created a lag between a completed project and when site remediation could begin.


Glenline partnered with Coolfire to digitize & mobilize their site audit process. With Coolfire Core, Glenline quickly built unique digital web forms that enable them to capture all site survey data while on-site. Additionally, Glenline designed workflows and task lists unique to their customer requirements–adapting the software to their exact needs.

Site engineers now use mobile apps to quickly document site details, easily upload pictures from the field, and ensure they’ve met customer requirements before leaving the site.

As techs complete each site survey, Coolfire Core automatically generates the survey reports–reducing human error and eliminating the time previously spent compiling and formatting reports.


With Coolfire Core, Glenline now completes site audits faster & more accurately. Core significantly reduced the time spent processing reports, saving Glenline field techs on average 2-hours per site. As a result, site engineers now focus their energy on capturing accurate and quality information.

To help Glenline and their customer quickly analyze the results, Coolfire created project-specific dashboards. This tool allows them to process site audit data from multiple sites in a single place.

Instead of manually sifting through a pile of static reports, Glenline’s customers see all project details digitally summarized in a centralized tool. Now with a simple data filter, their customers can quickly identify high-risk sites and schedule maintenance programs in real-time.

Telecom collaboration chatting

Easy to use mobile apps help field teams quickly capture more accurate data while on site. Field techs see the latest assigned tasks and add job details as they move from one site to the next. 

Field teams and ops managers eliminate unnecessary back-office processing. With Coolfire Core, Glenline creates handover packages in minutes from data captured in the field.

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How Coolfire enables digital workflows in Telecom

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