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The easiest way to Share Work: Share Links

Coolfire just took the guesswork out of your operation with Share Links. Share Links is the easiest way to get your entire team to work together. Quickly generate a link to a task or task list and then send that link to anyone to review or do the work. You can specify...

What’s it like Working with Coolfire? Naturally Klean

Naturally Klean CEO, John Allegretti, describes his experience working with Coolfire in the cleaning and facility management industry. Learn how coolfire can help your team get more work done at:

What’s it like Working with Coolfire? St. Louis City CTO

Dr. Robert Gaskill-Clemons describes what it's like working with Coolfire during the DHS / St. Louis City smart city pilot in 2020. Learn more about how Coolfire helps public and private sector teams stay connected and move faster together.

For teams on the go Coolfire Core

Fast-moving teams need answers quickly. Real-time collaboration enables teams on the go to work better together. Around every task, organized communication, and in an easy-to-use workflow. Coolfire Core is the fastest way to collaborate with your teams on the go.