Coolfire Solutions Delivers Actionable Intelligence to Meet Data Challenges

November 6, 2017


ST. LOUIS, MO – (November 6, 2017) C-level executives in a wide variety of commercial industries are embracing Coolfire Solutions’ innovative Ronin Platform as they realize its vast potential to increase revenues, and improve operational efficiencies and customer experiences.

The company’s Ronin technology was originally developed to improve U.S. Military Special Operators situational awareness by enabling users to better understand what is happening around them in “real time.” The Ronin Platform sits on top of existing systems and infrastructures to help transform data into actionable intelligence and facilitate improved decision-making.

“In the military, as in most companies, there is no lack of data,” says Coolfire CEO Don Sharp. “That data, however, typically resides in an operations center, and is not easily accessible. The difference between making the right decision and the wrong one is often only a function of time and accessibility. Ronin solves these problems by getting the right data into the right hands right now.”

That need for swift precise action is a pain point common in all businesses, across all industries, and at all levels in all organizations, Sharp adds. “With more data being generated at every department level, and with the Internet of Things being widely adopted, all commercial enterprises are facing tremendous challenges to break down information into actionable items, make interactions seamless and efficient, and activate their workforces. We are responding to this need in the marketplace by offering them a proven solution that can be integrated with their existing platforms and leverage the investments they’ve already made in their legacy platforms.”

Airlines and other transportation industries, construction, utilities, public safety and government are among the market sectors that have been eager to work with Coolfire Solutions to improve performance and accelerate informed decision-making.

The Ronin Platform can access information from multiple disparate systems and present it to users anywhere. That data can then help users take immediate action – a priority sales order can become a rush delivery, a sensor alert can become a security response in real-time, a work crew can be found and dispatched to handle a power outage.

Coolfire Solutions recently launched a new website that provides additional insights and case studies explaining how these industries can benefit from using Ronin to intelligently integrate data and minimize systems gaps.


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