Coolfire Solutions and RKV Technologies Partner to Help Governmental Agencies Improve Operational Efficiencies

November 27, 2017


ST. LOUIS, MO – (November 27, 2017) Coolfire Solutions and RKV Technologies announced a working partnership to help governmental agencies adopt digital strategies, improve operational efficiency and provide mobile services to their constituents.

Coolfire Solutions created its innovative Ronin Platform to deliver software that sits on top of existing IT systems and infrastructure to transform data into actionable intelligence. Originally developed for the U.S. military, the Ronin Platform is being widely adopted by industry leaders and organizations who recognize the importance of placing the right data, in the right hands, at the right time (now), so that intelligent decisions can be made.

For more than 10 years, RKV Technologies has provided IT project management, application development, systems integration and oversight to governmental entities across the country.

“Coolfire Solutions and RKV Technologies have the experience and capabilities to meet the challenges of government officials who want to maximize the value of technology investments by integrating data yielded from all sources and getting it into the right people’s hands,” said Coolfire Solutions CEO Don Sharp. “By minimizing the gaps in their operations, they will be leveraging their resources and improving efficiencies.”

“While government agencies and companies have many IT system solutions in place to effectively perform their work, they need to provide their mobile workforce with the existing systems’ intelligence to perform their jobs,” said RKV Technologies President and CEO Robert Myers. “The Ronin Platform can meet this need while standardizing and simplifying the mobile capabilities without impacting the existing systems. We are excited about our partnership with Coolfire Solutions because it allows RKV to continue to help our customers improve their business processes by enabling their mobile workforce to be more effective and efficient, ultimately reducing operational cost.”

Representatives of Coolfire Solutions and RKV will be meeting with state officials throughout the U.S., including those at the Missouri Information Technology Advisory Board (ITAB) Information Exchange Meeting on Nov. 29.

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