What Amazon’s Hiring Surge Amid COVID-19 Means For Logistics Professionals – Teaser

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August 27, 2020


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Amazon started disrupting the supply chain long ago when it set the customer expectation of two-day, same-day, and free shipping — challenging all other logistics and transportation companies to step up or fall behind. Today, the e-commerce giant continues to shake things up as it grows and thrives while other companies are left to struggle during COVID-19.

Amazon’s recent hiring surge puts further strain on a market already facing a significant driver shortage. But as companies along non-Amazon supply chains try to keep up, they do have one line of hope: collaboration technology that can eliminate manual process and create more agility.

According to Coolfire’s Clark Wellman, “Manual processes, such as playing phone tag to get information, deciphering paper logs, or collecting incident reports, are commonplace in the transportation industry. These slow, outdated process can put cogs in the supply chain and slow momentum.” “Collaborative logistics technology can automate many or all of the manual processes that currently take up the most time and make relevant, real-time data available to all authorized parties,” stated Clark in his recent article published by Global Trade Magazine.  Read the full article here.

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