Standing Out – Episode 242 with guest Mark Rogers

June 28, 2023


3 minutes

About the podcast and guests

Mark Rogers, CRO at Coolfire, joined Trey Griggs for an episode of the Standing Out podcast. Standing Out is a podcast focused on sales and marketing leadership, and Trey Griggs is the Founder and CEO of Beta Consulting Group.

Trey and Mark covered a wide range of topics, including Mark’s time at Mendix and Microsoft, as well as a wide range of topics about Coolfire. While it’s a quick 30-minute watch, here are some of our favorite topics summarized:

How Coolfire Reinvents Collaboration

Coolfire helps companies reinvent the way their teams collaborate to get more work done. Coolfire Core offers a cutting-edge collaboration platform, enabling teams to manage tasks from order placement to delivery, regardless of their industry.

Drawing on Coolfire’s background in situational awareness, the platform helps businesses understand what’s happening by aggregating, synchronizing, and displaying data from multiple sources, catering to each team member’s needs. Coolfire users can collaborate in the context of the job, involving third-party partners, vendors, or customers.

Coolfire’s Patented Session Technology

Coolfire uses its patented Session technology to outline workflows, tasks, and communication for each customer ‘order’. Sessions enable teams to collaborate around tasks, stay organized through workflows, and share relevant data. People within and outside the organization can then be assigned tasks to keep the ‘job’ moving forward.

In transportation, for example, each load becomes a Session, allowing freight brokers, drivers, dispatchers, customers, warehouse, and dock workers to participate and access unique views tailored to their roles.

Building a Collaboration Layer

Traditional software often requires specialized tools for different aspects of the business, whereas Coolfire cuts across all these systems to gather job data and create a collaboration layer. This collaboration layer enhances problem resolution and ensures more predictable business processes linked to improved efficiency.

How Coolfire Works

As a cloud-based software with an open API, Coolfire uses two-way connectors to exchange data between modern and legacy systems, allowing the synchronization and sharing of data while updating relevant systems of record.

Logistics Technology Market Trends

The logistics technology market still has room for improvement, as single-use apps create app fatigue among workers. The industry needs to consider business processes that are easy to access for those working hands-on jobs without strictly enforcing rigid governance.

Benefits for Transportation Companies Using Coolfire

Coolfire aims to provide better tooling for transportation companies, allowing operations to run smoothly, and easy access for customers, shippers, or anyone interested in receiving real-time updates. This approach reduces the time spent on calls and offers customers more control over their operations, increasing satisfaction with the service provider.

Working with Last-Mile Logistics Companies

Coolfire recently partnered with a last-mile logistics and distribution company specializing in the quick-serve restaurant (QSR) industry. These businesses rely heavily on timely and accurate deliveries to maintain revenue. Coolfire aims to provide an optimized and transparent experience for these customers, giving them access to real-time information and greater control over their deliveries. This sense of control will ultimately lead to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Getting Started With Coolfire

Trying Coolfire has never been easier. Coolfire makes it easier for your teams on the move to stay connected to the critical information they need to do their jobs. Give Coolfire Core a try for free or grab time with one of our product experts.

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