Situational Awareness Checklist For Stadium Security

August 20, 2018


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Threat levels are on the rise. Fans expect a fun and safe experience. To keep pace, stadium security teams must achieve situational awareness. 

Stadium security is a complex operation

Threat levels are on the rise. Yet fans expect a fun and safe experience. To keep pace, stadium security teams, like the players on the field, must achieve situational awareness to deliver on fan expectations.  Situational awareness is the complete understanding of your surroundings in relation to your mission.  Security teams achieve situational awareness through the combined utilization of security assets such as video feeds, communication tools, and access to real-time sensor data.

Assets for Safe Stadiums

Every stadium environment is unique with its own set of security risks and local threats. There is, however, a consistent set of security assets that have proven to deliver the situational awareness that security teams require:

  1. Common Operational Picture – a combined display of activity, location and other relevant operational information shared by the entire team in real-time.
  2. Multi-Directional Communication – a robust architecture for voice, text, video, and telestration that allows teams to share critical info amongst themselves, other agencies, and the public instantly.
  3. Video Surveillance – network cameras that can capture and log video footage at the stadium and surrounding areas.
  4. Facial Recognition – cameras and software that can identify persons of interest and alert security in real-time.
  5. Strategic Integration – the ability to seamlessly tie together disparate security assets such as sensors, cameras, and historical data.

Protecting Crowds and Property

Sporting events are a central part of American culture. Despite concerns over terror attacks on venues and public spaces, fans continue to turn out to support their favorite teams. Security teams must secure these massive crowds and protect the property value of the iconic stadiums themselves.

Stadium Security Checklist

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