Share Links are the Easiest Way to Share Work

August 29, 2022


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Getting your entire team on the same page can be well a lot of work. Who is working on what? When’s it due? Was it done right?

As if keeping up with your employees wasn’t hard enough, the problem explodes when you start throwing contractors, customers, and vendors into the mix. Keeping customers informed, getting the latest status from a contractor, or an ETA from one of your vendors is a bit overwhelming. Once you extend work beyond your four walls, you’ve all but lost control.

So how do you share and receive work updates over a group of people you don’t directly manage?

This is what we set out to solve with Share Links (Release Notes). Extending your workflow outside your immediate purview is a tough challenge, usually handled with email, text, or phone calls (if it happens at all). With Share Links, you can determine what information you want to share and with who.

Need a contractor or vendor to jump in to do part of the workflow (say, pick and deliver a part for an onsite tech), why not quickly task them with job details, due dates, and capture any details in a digital form?

Want an easy way to update your customer on the status of the job? With Share Links you can push them a read-only view of the work that’s been done.

Share Links gives you the tools to quickly generate a secure URL to access tasks with edit or read-only views. The links gives you an easy and real-time way to share job details via email or text. The best part of Share Links is no software or app installs are required. The recipient opens the auto-generated link to access the job details in any web browser.

Use Share Links to quickly and efficiently share real-time information in Coolfire Core with others outside your team. Excite your customers and partners with how easy it is to work with you. Make your team more productive with more efficient collaboration outside your Core team.

See how Share Links is a game-changer for operations teams across various industries.

Share Links is available in Coolfire Core. Get started with Core for free.

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