Reconn™ Surveyor Lite Debuts in iTunes App Store, Google Play

March 21, 2013


ST. LOUIS, MO – (March 21, 2013)Coolfire Solutions, a St. Louis based mobile development studio and creator of the Reconn concept, is introducing a mobile app in the iTunes App Store and Google Play market. Reconn Surveyor Lite is part of the Reconn platform, a satellite communications toolkit that combines software, hardware, and an intuitive user interface to allow minimally trained or untrained users to test and configure SATCOM terminals. Reconn is a joint initiative between Coolfire Solutions and Harris Corporation.

As a standalone app, Surveyor Lite allows users to search for specific satellites through database filters and employ augmented views to identify line of sight during surveys. The app also gives users access to current location, satellite azimuth and satellite elevation indicators – all key factors needed to successfully acquire a satellite link. Users access Surveyor Lite’s capabilities on an intuitive mobile device interface, allowing them to tap, swipe, pinch & zoom exactly the way they are used to interacting with smartphones.

“After Coolfire and Harris debuted Reconn last year at the Satellite 2012 conference, the platform’s capabilities have expanded tremendously,” said Tom Cox, President of Coolfire Solutions. “While Surveyor Lite represents only a fraction of the capabilities of Reconn, we felt that it was important to show how mobile applications have the power to modernize the SATCOM industry.”

The Surveyor Lite app, along with the entire Reconn platform, was on display and available for demonstration at the Satellite 2013 conference March 18 – 21st in Washington, D.C. Visitors to the Harris booth received a complimentary version of the Surveyor Lite mobile app, which retails in the iTunes App Store and Google Play market for $19.99.

About Reconn

The Reconn platform provides users with all the tools they need to setup, acquire, and sustain a satellite communications link. Reconn simplifies SATCOM by creating a connected workforce capable of higher success rates and greatly reducing operational costs. Reconn delivers an expert knowledge base to even the most untrained user through integrated workflows on an intuitive mobile app interface. Reconn packs 120lbs of test equipment into a 10lb box, provides remote monitoring capability, and includes months of training in software-based workflows. For more information on Reconn, visit

About Coolfire Solutions

Coolfire Solutions is a mobile development studio that focuses on creating solutions for the military and intelligence communities in an effort to bring simplicity to the battlefield. Defense contractors create fantastic technologies, yet the user interfaces for this technology are typically cumbersome, outdated, and difficult to learn. Coolfire Solutions is committed to making technology easier to use in the battlefield by leveraging commercially available equipment and conventions in military applications.

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