Coolfire Solutions to Give High-Concept Demos of RONIN at SOFIC

May 10, 2011


ST. LOUIS, MO – (May 10, 2011) Coolfire Solutions, a St. Louis-based software development company that specializes in mobile application technology for military and commercial enterprise users, announces it will give customers a high concept demonstration of a Realtime Operations Networked Information Node (RONIN™) at SOFIC.

RONIN is a real-time tactical situational awareness app that leverages the users at the edge to crowd-source human intelligence. Additionally, it serves as an advanced data visualization tool for operators in the field. It features an advanced XMPP communication architecture built on top of a powerful mobile GIS engine capable of multiple imagery types and shape layers.

“With RONIN, we are not trying to replace how people are currently gathering data…this is a visualization tool taking the existing mission-critical real-time data and then using the location, mission, and route as a filter to deliver the most pertinent, clearly understandable intelligence possible,” says John Dames, Chief Technology Officer and Director of Design. “Therefore, it has low impact on the operator while significantly impacting the way the field can view, comprehend and interpret the data.”

The original development of RONIN was spurred by the idea of merging commercial social networking principles with the sharing of mission-critical data in a closed network. Coolfire Solutions likes to say they’ve ”applied the Facebook® principle to targets.”

Tom Cox, President of Coolfire Solutions said, “We focus on simplifying complex sets of information and complex tasks – such as setting up a satellite communications link in the field. We don’t change the concept of operations (CONOP), we simply make the workflow easy enough for a soldier who hasn’t had months of specialized training to work through.”

Coolfire Solutions has developed several mobile applications as well as a process to distribute apps and content through an Enterprise. Coolfire will be launching additional products in the next week.

To see a RONIN high concept demonstration by Chief Technology Officer John Dames, please come to Worldwide Technologies booth (#1840) at SOFIC.

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