Coolfire Solutions Adapts Technology Used by Military to Meet Ski Industry Challenges

January 25, 2018


ST. LOUIS, MO – (January 25, 2018) Coolfire Solutions, the creator of the Ronin Platform, a situational awareness delivery platform that was developed for military operations, is launching a new application for the ski industry that will deliver immediate and actionable intelligence to improve safety, security and overall operations.

There’s a concept in the military called situational awareness that recognizes the importance of understanding what’s going on around you in real time,” said Coolfire Solutions Chief Executive Officer Don Sharp. “The Ronin Platform has helped the military have a better understanding of their teams, terrain, assets, opportunities and threats. Ski Resort Operators are dealing with similar challenges that lend themselves to Ronin’s strengths and dynamic capabilities.”

Ronin is a software platform that sits on top of a company’s existing information-gathering, data-driven systems, and enables the organization to get the right data, in the right hands, right now. Ronin can monitor on-mountain activity including skier traffic and location, weather conditions, employee tasks, equipment sensors, lift-line traffic flow, grooming reports and any other pertinent information. Ronin integrates with existing IT systems, extracts only the required data and immediately delivers it to users in context of their location, role and responsibility.  This immediate access to contextual data empowers employees and operators to make smart, fast decisions that can improve operations and save lives.

“The ski Industry is a perfect fit for the Ronin Platform,” said Sharp. “Ronin provides a common operational picture of the activity taking place on the mountain, in real-time, which will enhance the ability of the safety and operations teams to make the right decisions. The Ronin Platform is a proven, powerful technology that will deliver the right data, into the right hands, at the right time.”

About Coolfire Solutions

Coolfire Solutions is the creator of the Ronin Platform, a real-time situational awareness delivery platform, built to integrate data from any source and transform it into actionable intelligence. Ronin was originally developed for the U.S. Military, but is now being widely adopted by industry leaders to minimize system gaps and improve operational efficiency.


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