Workstream Collaboration in Freight and Logistics [Podcast]

June 4, 2021


2 minutes

There’s nothing better than a global pandemic to accelerate human, organizational, and industry-wide change all at once. The impacts of the “new workplace” are far-reaching. We all see and feel that teams want to work differently, customer demands are changing, and the expectations for how value gets delivered have never been higher.

No industry is feeling these effects more than transportation and logistics. The demands and expectations on the freight business have never been higher. As teams start returning to the office, working hybrid, or settling in for the long haul, leaders need to rethink how their teams get work done–from the ground up.

Mark Rogers, CRO at Coolfire recently, sat down with Chris Jolly (aka #TheFreightCoach) to discuss the impacts of using workstream collaboration tools in the freight industry. Companies are rethinking how distributed teams and customers need to work together and how existing systems are (or aren’t in many cases) designed to support them. By providing companies with increased awareness, control, and response capabilities, people see what’s happening in their organization and then efficiently execute to resolve the challenge.

Mark and Chris explore the use of collaboration technology to manage day-to-day operations, exception handling, and the growing opportunity for companies to provide tailored collaboration capabilities to their customers.

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