Top 7 Uses For Facial Recognition In Sports Stadiums

August 9, 2018


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Facial recognition tech can be used to determine the age, gender, and race of stadium guests, allowing stadiums to tailor music, lighting, and operations.

Most major league teams have facial recognition technology in their stadiums. Initially used as a security tool, facial recognition is now used to collect real-time guest demographic data, improve fan engagement and streamline venue operations.

Stadiums use high-resolution cameras to capture facial images of all guests even in low light or in a crowded setting. These cameras combined with facial recognition software can determine the age, gender, and race of guests allowing stadiums to tailor music, lighting, and operations to accommodate groups or even individuals.

According to CNBC, teams also use the demographic information to make staffing decisions and to determine which ads appear on the Jumbotron. “For example, if a team knows its fanbase skews younger and more female on a Tuesday night home game, they might shift the music and ads to better target that audience.”

Some stadiums now use the technology to determine facial expressions and moods about advertising. This information helps teams retain sponsors and attract new advertising making facial recognition a cost neutral solution.

7 Uses of Facial Recognition in Stadiums

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