Key Learnings From The CompTIA 2019 Q1 Smart Cities Advisory Council Meeting

March 22, 2019


2 minutes

This quarter’s CompTIA 2019 Smart Cities Advisory Council meeting identified compelling areas of innovation and mapped out what future councils have in store.

Every quarter, CompTIA’s Smart Cities Advisory Council meets to discuss exciting industry trends for the next generation of urban technology. With an applied focus on the Internet of Things (IoT), related platforms, and developing methodologies in the field, the Smart Cities Advisory Council aims to provide guidance to the wider CompTIA team to help identify new opportunities and update industry best practices.

In Q1 of 2019, the Smart Cities Advisory Council convened to address these key topics. Brandon Fuhr, the Coolfire Solutions Director of Strategic Partner Programs, attended as a member of the council where he discussed compelling areas of innovation and helped to map out what future councils have in store as it relates to “smart strategy.”



What Makes a Smart City

As the rise of IoT tech and AI open up new possibilities for urban environments, city and county governments are increasingly interested in what they can do to update their infrastructure and implement intelligent systems.

At Q1’s Smart Cities Advisory Council, attendees discussed Dr. Alan R. Shark’s proposals that can help make cities smarter. These included smart transportation, smarter digital infrastructure, citizen engagement, digital citizen services, smart and big data, data visualization, public safety, healthcare services, leadership and vision, and citizen pride and satisfaction.


Growing Interest in Smart Strategy

Members of the council also addressed the growing interest in smart strategy, with a specific focus on research indicating popular areas of interest. For example, when asked about which tech trends city officials are most interested in hearing about further, 25% of respondents indicated their interest in learning about the ways in which IoT and AI can open new possibilities in ambient computing.

Additionally, city and county stakeholders were asked what components of smart strategy they’ve considered if their IT department has a role in that strategy. The two most popular responses included a roadmap that communicates that IT for a smart city and county (78%) and an accountable IT leader who will champion the operational and strategic implementation of smart initiatives.



Where CompTIA Goes from Here

Finally, attendees identified priorities for CompTIA’s Smart Cities Advisory Council going forward, especially in conjunction with CompTIA’s other advisory councils. From building awareness and solidifying industry best practice standards to aiding the CompTIA research team and adding new councils in AR and VR in the future, experts set the stage for sustained, innovative growth in the field.


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