Innovation Departments Are Set Up To Fail

Innovation departments are set up to fail

December 5, 2018


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“Many companies claim that innovation is a top priority. But not all companies approach innovation correctly. In fact, most are doing it wrong.”
-Don Sharp

In this article, Don Sharp, CEO of Coolfire Solutions explains innovation, not as an isolated component of a business model, but as a company-wide strategy implemented from the top-down. He argues that a culture of innovation requires organizations to:

  • Break down barriers between innovation departments and P&L-focused business units
  • Ensure all departments include innovation in their business goals
  • Reward (and learn from) productive risk-taking

Through his years of experience as an executive for Fortune 50 companies and as a founder of a software startup, Don offers his advice on how modern companies can better prioritize innovation – starting with the elimination of their innovation departments.

Click here to read Don’s full article.


About the Author

Don Sharp, CEO of Coolfire Solutions

Don Sharp is a respected innovator with more than 25 years of tech experience working at companies ranging from startups to Fortune 50 companies. A graduate of Notre Dame University, Don currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of Coolfire, a software company that provides workstream collaboration tools to enhance real-time event awareness, control, and response.



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