Benefits of Proof of Delivery Tech

December 6, 2022


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Transitioning from traditional proof of delivery to electronic proof of delivery immediately impacts operations. From minimizing human error, improving efficiencies, and reducing fraud prevention–let’s dig into some of the other benefits of E-POD. 

Instant access to data

The most apparent benefit of E-POD is the real-time nature of the data. When data is collected and shared in a stream, everyone and anyone impacted by the events gets access as it happens. 

Digital POD capture helps accelerate tasks for back-office teams, such as: 

  • Customer satisfaction surveys 
  • Auditing POD data
  • Generating invoices
  • Troubleshooting customer questions 
  • Scheduling or rescheduling deliveries

Providing drivers direct access to the latest information they need for a successful drive in the same place you capture POD data provides a streamlined way to manage your operations. 

Proof of Delivery Benefits

Fewer customer disputes

When an item doesn’t arrive as expected, you expect customer disputes. Replacement costs, in many cases, don’t compare to the toll on your staff trying to retrace the actions taken up to this point. Teams get consumed with the time it takes to untangle paperwork, talk to the driver, and then respond to the client. Most of the time, it’s cheaper to proactively replace or refund the item than to waste time and money to track and track–not to mention the customer satisfaction hit you take.

Providing an electronic proof of delivery app to drivers provides a quick way to streamline the resolution process. By organizing your drive data, chain of custody history, and closing out the drive with electronic proof of delivery information, you can quickly audit jobs with relative ease. With the app, the driver captures digital POD points along the way. Documenting the drive protects the driver, yourself, and the business from frivolous disputes.

The digital assets allow you to quickly manage customer disputes with evidence-based resolution handling–limiting your labor investment and replacement costs on the most critical complaints. Lastly, by sharing the E-POD details proactively, you create a level of accountability with the recipient, preventing most disputes before they happen and acting as a fraud deterrent. 

Streamline processesMobile Collaboration

Adding electronic proof of delivery methods to your delivery process will also streamline dependent internal processes. By eliminating paper-based POD, you save on the upfront printing and managing of the paperwork. Still, you also reduce the amount of manual data entry–whether transferring delivery details or any customer notes left by the driver. 

E-POD will transmit data from the field in real-time. Real-time data allows any manual or automated follow-up processes to begin near real-time. Alert the customer their order has arrived (and include the E-POD details) to avoid a customer support call. Start the invoicing process a day earlier. 

Digitizing and automating manual processes helps with your drive operations but also enables you to accelerate your back-office support. 

Better customer interactions

Having your drivers fumble with paper forms presents a bit poorly in front of the customer. It shows your operations are a bit antiquated but also draws questions around your ability to scale and support larger or more advanced deliveries. 

Replacing paperwork with electronic processes creates a more professional image and increases the efficiency of data collection. A robust electronic proof of delivery app guides drivers through consistent on-site processes so that your customer service offering is the same for every customer, every time. If you need to change the process, update the in-app workflow to guide the team through the new POD steps. 

You can even consider adding on-site prompts to see if there are additional services at the delivery time–such as installation or packaging removal. Basic on-screen guides help maximize your driver’s time and revenue per mile. 

You can even consider adding on-site prompts to see if there are additional services at the delivery time–such as installation or packaging removal. This allows you to maximize your driver’s time and revenue per mile while improving the overall customer experience.  

Increased productivity 

Utilizing the familiar UX of a smartphone gives drivers a quick way to capture electronic proof of delivery as part of their drive. Workers can quickly progress through the steps vs. managing a standalone handheld device. 

The ease of use reduces error rates, lowers the need to contact HQ, and ultimately results in more completed jobs over the same period. As previously mentioned, the E-POD features benefit the mobile user, the customer, and the back-office support team.

Consolidating your drive app and digital POD tools into a single app allows you to manage the designed workflow and route optimization. As the day progresses, jobs become more urgent, traffic patterns change, and things happen. Digital apps help you orchestrate and maintain control of your operations remotely. 

Impacts of E-POD Technology

With shipping fraud spiking in recent years, providers must protect themselves and their customers. Without proper proof of delivery checks, fraud will continue to disrupt operations, drive up labor costs, and, ultimately delivery costs. 

A recent Coolfire customer deployed a new E-POD process where they required signature, barcode scanning, and attaching a picture to their multi-package deliveries. By deploying a three-point E-POD step to each drop, they significantly cut down on customer inquiries and reports of damaged deliveries. While they credit the entire E-POD system, they consider the picture capture as the crucial change in their operations. The photo verifies proper product handling and acts as a backup option when a barcode is unavailable for scanning. 

In addition to reduced customer service costs, they were able to curb unplanned product loss–whether theft or reported damaged goods. Based on the customer’s most recent calculation, they are on pace for a 95% reduction in fraud-related shrinkage! The customer attributes much of their product fraud to customer claims a product was damaged or not delivered. The picture evidence creates the best proof of the delivery method to protect all parties involved. By adding multiple electronic proof of delivery methods, both the sender, receiver, and driver have the documentation they can reference in the future.

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