Chain of custody confidence with Coolfire Core

When compliance, SLAs, and proof are critical for your business, you must know the job was done right and on time. Coolfire Core’s flexible tech stack lets you meet all data collection, automation, and reporting requirements for any type of business.

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Advanced chain of custody to accelerate your operations

Chain of custody tech built to scale operations of all sizes. Coolfire Core helps you meet all SLAs, compliance requirements, and proof standards by deploying workflows, tasking, and communication tools to collect, store, and report on operations. 

Flexible to your unique process

Keep your unique process unique. Enforce workflow when required and give flexibility when it’s not. 

Extend existing tech stack

No need to rip-and-replace. Coolfire Core connects data from any system, data source, spreadsheet, or even email.

Meet customer demands

Give customers the control they demand. Provide visibility, tracking, or custom reporting views.

Delivery Management Last Mile Optimization
Electronic Proof of Delivery Technology

Say goodbye to paper-based tracking

Coolfire Core’s E-POD technology simplifies and accelerates your delivery processes, reducing costs and improving efficiency. With real-time visibility and instant updates, you can stay on top of every delivery and ensure customer satisfaction.

Service Assurance & Visibility 

Ensure accuracy and accountability with proof of delivery tools

Monitor your delivery operations, from driver certifications to temperature control. Enhanced chain of custody tracking allows you to maintain control over your shipments, ensuring compliance with service level agreements (SLAs) and meeting customer expectations.

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Collaboration Dashboard Alerts
Customer Visibility 

Customers are demanding visibility. It’s time to deliver

Keep your customers informed every step of the way by leveraging Coolfire Core’s customer visibility features. Automated customer alerts provide real-time updates, including delivery notes, instructions, and proof of delivery details. Keeping your customers in the loop builds trust and provides an exceptional experience that sets your business apart.

Enforce Compliance and SLAs

Deliver results with confidence. 

Effortlessly meet SLA requirements and enforce compliance. Stay on top of customer requirements, track adherence to guidelines, and avoid costly SLA penalties. Coolfire Core acts as your reliable partner, helping you meet compliance standards and ensuring the highest level of service consistency.

Collaboration Dashboard Alerts

Chain of custody features for every type of operation

Confidently control complex chain of custody requirements at scale. Centralize the data collection, organization, and reporting needs from your internal teams and customers. Track trends, find opportunities, and quickly spot your operational gaps. 

Geofence Enforcement

Geo-based tasking and triggers capture the time and place an action gets done. 

Due Dates & Timers

Keep moving. Track what’s due, what’s next, and what needs your attention to hit the SLA.

Digital Forms

Know the job gets done right.  Attach digital forms to capture job details (pictures, signatures, etc.)


Automate manual steps and enforce processes to ensure the job gets done right the first time.


Add another layer of proof with digital signatures. Pair with photos for extra protection.

Barcode & QR Codes

Scan QR or barcodes to verify the right package is delivered. Reduce human error with this action.

Photo Proof

Visually capture the work being done (before & after) or the package delivery for extra proof.


Job Docs

Give your team the info they need to stay compliant. Give critical details in context to the work.

Upgrade your chain of custody with Coolfire Core

Streamline your fast-moving operations with Coolfire Core chain of custody tools. Sign up for a free trial today and discover how Coolfire Core helps you manage operations at scale.