Smart Forms: 
Collect, organize, and automate better data 

Standardize your operations data with intuitive forms built for the field, at HQ, and for customers.

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Not just another form tool.

Capture operational data to accelerate work and create real-time insights.

Get real-time data from your fast-moving team.  Smart Forms by Coolfire Core provides unique data collection experiences for everyone impacted by work. 

Forms at HQ

Structured forms help your office teams kickstart new jobs or capture structured data and keep work moving. 

Forms in the field

Quickly create and deploy unique forms to the field. Mobile apps streamline the data capture and improve accuracy of the data.

Customer forms

Easily capture information from your customers. Close the feedback loop, capture job data, or find new ways to capture structured data.

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Partner forms

Extend data collection beyond your team. Share Link tech lets you seamlessly share forms with any partner or vendor for easy data capture. 

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Online Form Builder

Build custom forms for your teams’ unique needs 

Anyone can use the no-code form builder to generate forms for your business. Quickly deploy the forms to the field or use at HQ.

  • Capture must-haves: Choose from different answer types, like text, numbers, dates, and drop-down lists. 

  • Collect docs: Let users attach images, files, PDFs, and more.

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Mobile forms

Robust forms everywhere your team works

Eliminate paper in the field. Give your field techs the work docs and mobile forms to streamline data collection on the go.

  • Enforce process: Use required fields and logic to ensure consistent quality from field techs.

  • Flexibility: Give your team flexibility by allowing for dynamic fields when they need room to make decisions on their own.

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Online forms

Send online forms to anyone. Anywhere.

Capture data when you need it. Share online forms with anyone inside or outside your organization for easy data collection. 

  • HQ Forms: Kickoff new work orders, capture customer escalations, or trigger other processes from the web app.

  • Customer Forms: Send online forms to customers for more info, feedback, or other data collection needs. 


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Workflows & Automations

Automate daily tasks for faster results 

Use Smart Forms intelligence to trigger alerts, kickoff new workflows, or to aggregate data into custom reports. 

  • Integrations: Keep data up-to-date everywhere. Use Smart Form data to push and pull data to any connected system. 

  • Automation: Stop wasting time on repetitive tasks. Automate operational decisions based on collected data.

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Dashboards & reporting

See progress. Measure impact. Take action.

Analyze your business in real-time with Smart Forms reporting. Aggregate, organize, and get actionable insights from form data.

  • Custom Dashboards: Create unique views into your unique operations. Build customizable reports & dashboards. 

  • Automation: Stop wasting time on repetitive tasks. Automate operational decisions based on collected data.

Smart Form features to capture accurate info

Coolfire Core’s highly-configurable toolset helps you build forms for any business operation. Create an unlimited number of mobile and online forms to accurately capture data, advance workflows, and store critical job details.

Geofenced Data

Pinpoint where data gets collected with accurate location data. Useful for future visits. 

Dates & Times

Know when the job was completed. Capture dates and times on completed actions.


Get proof of work completion with digital signatures. Use your finger to sign on any touchscreen.

Barcode & QR Scans

Turn your phone into  barcode scanner for accurate data validation.

Mobile apps

iOS & Android mobile apps help regular drivers manage routes, track progress and manage tasks.

App-less Data Entry

Share forms in an app-free mobile experience for third-party contributors to capture data.

Offline Data Collection

Capture form data in low/no connection areas. Save forms for later upload.

Robust Media

Capture the whole picture with multi-image and video uploads.

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